In China, more people now access the web through a mobile than a PC

Not that we needed yet another data-point explaining why China is such an important mobile market or anything but Reuters is happy to provide one. On Monday, it reported that for the first time ever, more people in China access the web on a mobile device as opposed to a PC. The data comes from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and says that of the 632 million internet users in China, 83 percent (527 million) used a phone or tablet to do so. That compares with 81 percent of the connected population accessing the web through a PC, with some overlap between the two of course.

Ericsson: Global smartphone penetration will reach 60% in 2019

Smartphones will expand rapidly into the developing world, according to Ericsson, not only because devices will become cheaper. Cheaper data plan options and the economic benefits of mobile internet connectivity will help drive their proliferation.