The near future for beacons may not lie in retail

Retailers are scrambling to leverage the power of beacons powered by Bluetooth low energy (BLE), but the technology may gain ground in other scenarios before users begin to embrace it in brick-and-mortar stores.

The folly of MCX’s exclusivity mandate

MCX should focus on improving its CurrentC mobile payments offering and stop prohibiting its retail partners from using Apple Pay and other competing systems.

Facebook’s new Atlas is a real threat to Google display dominance

Facebook is overstating the importance of its cookie-free ad server, but Google’s DoubleClick empire is facing its first serious threat in years. Advertisers and agencies should launch trials immediately, if for nothing else than Google pricing leverage.

Apple Pay: What it needs, and what it could mean

Apple will have to address some big challenges if it is to succeed in a mobile payments market that has yet to get legs in the U.S. If Apple Pay thrives, though, it could pave the way for some competing systems.

Most merchants shouldn’t run to NFC just yet

NFC is once again generating a tremendous amount of buzz as a vehicle for mobile payments at the point of sale. But merchants that have yet to invest in mobile payments should monitor the market carefully as new NFC-based systems come online.

Beacons teem with potential — and peril

Retailers are scrambling to deploy beacons in an effort to engage with consumers who are already in the store. But retailers who don’t leverage beacons wisely and judiciously will slow growth of the overall market.