Mobclix and Nielsen Ink Mobile Ad Targeting Data Deal

Mobclix and Nielsen have inked a partnership aimed at providing detailed consumer information for advertisers looking to target their pitches to mobile users. The move will give marketers more confidence as they consider investing in a space where accurate data can be difficult to come by.

Floating Ads: Making the Mobile Web Even More Annoying

Crisp Wireless this morning unveiled a new technology that delivers ads that remain on screen as users scroll down through pages on the wireless web. While those ads may prove effective, they may also give users one more reason to avoid the mobile Internet.

More Mobile Ad M&A on the Way

Mobile advertising is hot, thanks to surging smartphone sales, increased traffic on the mobile web and the explosion of mobile apps. So Google’s recent $750 million acquisition of AdMob is likely to spark another round of M&A activity in the space next year.

Can Google Make Mobile Coupons Mainstream?

Google this week expanded its coupon service to mobile just in time for Black Friday, enabling U.S. consumers to access and redeem the discounts via their phones — an effort that could give the space a much-needed shove into the mainstream.