PaeDae offers game developers new way to get money and users

Game developers are getting new tools from startup PaeDae that allow them to monetize through real-world branded rewards and distribute their apps through a promotion product. The service is trying to make its mark with very smart targeting of rewards.

Waze begins monetization push with location-guided ads

Crowd-sourced navigation app Waze is launching its own ad platform, allowing advertisers to insert ads that users can see on their maps and search results when they navigate to their destination. Waze believes these “location-guided” ads can succeed because they incorporate where a user is headed.

FixYa’s new iPhone app lets you ask repair questions on video

Are you lost for words when dealing with the inner workings of common household appliances? Then you might want to check out FixYa’s new iPhone app, which gives users the option to record their problems in video, so they don’t have to write about “that thing.”

Facebook testing mobile ads on third party apps

Facebook is testing out the ability for advertisers to buy mobile ads through Facebook on mobile apps and websites. It could be part of a larger play to build an offsite ad network.

Why Amazon’s in-app sales of physical goods could be big

Developers are getting the ability to sell physical items through Amazon’s mobile in-app purchase system. The first app to get this ability is Activision’s Skylanders Cloud Patrol. This could be a big help for developers looking to monetize their apps through commerce.