launches its first mobile app on iOS

Online music startup released an app for iOS Tuesday that represents its first major foray into the world of mobile music. The app offers access to music on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, and allows users to mix music from any of these services in playlists or personalized radio streams, as well as to discover new music through social feeds. started out with its website that combined songs from a variety of music services, allowing Spotify users to compile playlists for their Beats Music-using friends, which is why has also been called the Switzerland of online music.

The startup then expanded to also offer music through widgets on Facebook and third-party websites, something that has been used by artists and labels to share music with their fans across music services. However, something was still missing, said co-founder Shehzad Daredia during an interview last week “The product was incomplete without a mobile app.”

Daredia added that he sees’s app as complementary to existing music services and their apps. One reason: Users still have to sign up for a premium Spotify account to take advantage of Spotify’s music through the app. “There are no free tiers for on-demand mobile playback,” Daredia said.

Check out a demo video of the app below:


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