ZTE Looks to Stimulus Funds for LTE Network

Comnet Wireless has tapped ZTE to deploy a test 4G network for voice and data services in 3 states — and teaming with the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority in the hopes of getting a piece of the $7.2 billion broadband stimulus fund to help.

Post-quake, Haiti Residents Turn to Mobile Nets

Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake in Haiti knocked out the country’s only direct submarine cable system, leaving the country to rely largely on satellites and mobile networks for international communications. Digicel, the nation’s leading mobile carrier, is working to send technicians to the island to ease congestion problems.

The Home Is at the Heart of 4G M2M

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are using the CES stage to tout M2M services such as wireless health care and connected entertainment systems. And the home will be a key focal point for such businesses as 4G networks come online.

Google Voice and How Anyone Can Be a Phone Company

A Google executive claims the company is “just scratching the surface” with Google Voice and will move aggressively to expand the offering next year. Which means network operators must ramp up their efforts to make their pipes smarter.

Mobile Data and the Need for Metering

The surge in mobile data usage will keep ramping up as multimedia-friendly phones continue to gain traction. So network operators are exploring ways to move beyond flat-rate plans to monetize high-end users and minimize the effects of increased traffic on the network.

How About a Data Plan With That Car?

Cars will become increasingly connected to the web over the next several years, according to iSuppli. While that represents a huge opportunity for mobile players, network operators will need to make sure they can deliver the kind of content consumers are sure to want.

AT&T Exec: Stop Streaming, Dammit!

AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega this morning said the carrier either has to “reduce or modify” the mobile data consumption of some of its high-end users. Which could mean the end of flat-rate pricing in favor of prices that vary based on network congestion.

Ericsson’s Cuts Underscore Persistent Telecom Woes

Ericsson said it will slash 950 jobs in addition to an existing restructuring effort aimed at securing savings of $1.4 billion by the middle of next year. Indeed, with Chinese upstarts Huawei and ZTE on the rise, the telecom sector isn’t out of the woods yet.

AT&T Jumps on the Femtocell Bandwagon

att_header_logo Add AT&T (s t) to the list of operators looking to create a new revenue stream even as they move to offload network traffic. The nation’s second-largest carrier has launched a consumer trial of its 3G MicroCell, a femtocell that uses the customer’s home Internet connection to connect to AT&T’s network for both voice and data usage. The device — which is available only in Charlotte, N.C., following AT&T employee trials earlier this year — is being offered for $150, with a $100 rebate for users who sign up for a $20 monthly 3G MicroCell plan, which enables unlimited calling for those within range of the gadget. Read More about AT&T Jumps on the Femtocell Bandwagon