Hotspot 2.0 inches its way into public Wi-Fi networks

Two years after being promised seamless connections to public Wi-Fi networks, my iPhone made its first Hotspot 2.0 handshake. It’s a long time coming, but carriers and wireless ISPs are finally starting to deploy the technology.

Anyfi raises $1.5M to build virtual hotspot networks

Sweden’s Anyfi wants to turn any Wi-Fi access point into a virtual extension of mobile networks. By breaking the bond between physical radio and the Wi-Fi network, the startup will make it easier for carriers to build expansive hybrid Wi-Fi grids to offload their data traffic.

Interview: Ericsson CEO on the role of Wi-Fi in mobile

While there is a groundswell of enthusiasm for Wi-Fi as a mobile data alternative to cellular, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg says there is a limit to what Wi-Fi can accomplish. Wi-Fi will have a role, but it will be one connection option among many.