Samsung flails as Tizen’s clock ticks

Samsung this week indefinitely delayed the release of the Samsung Z, which is expected to be the first smartphone running its Tizen OS to hit the market. The news spells trouble for a company desperate to expand beyond manufacturing and build a full-fledged mobile ecosystem.

Why Windows Phone still has a chance to move the needle

Nokia’s handset sales are flagging as Microsoft closes its acquisition of the manufacturer, and Windows Phone has recently lost market share in major markets such as the U.S. and China. But there are some important reasons to believe Windows Phone can still change the mobile landscape.

Amazon would face huge challenges in the smartphone business

Amazon will reportedly is preparing to introduce a smartphone that presumably will run a forked version of Android, just as its tablets do. But the online retailer would face a huge challenge in replacing Google’s proprietary cloud services in Android.

Google’s quest to take control of Android continues

Google reportedly has begun requiring new handsets running its mobile OS to display “Powered by Android” when they’re turned on. It’s Google’s latest move to take control of its Android ecosystem and its brand in the mobile market.

Will Google try to kill Huawei’s dual-boot phone?

Asustek Computer has shelved plans to offer a dual-OS PC after getting push-back from both Google and Microsoft. Google is likely to flex those same muscles to try to kill an upcoming phone from Huawei that runs both Android and Windows Phone.

Why Samsung needs Tizen to be a hit

Now that Google has put the kibosh on Samsung’s efforts to co-opt Android, the Korean company risks becoming just another manufacturer of mobile devices that generate low margins. The big question now is whether Samsung can use Tizen to build its own mobile ecosystem from the ground up.

Day One of MWC is all about low-end smartphones

Handset manufacturers and OS providers are taking aim at the low end of the smartphone market, as the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona demonstrated. That ultra-competitive market won’t deliver big profit margins, but it provides an enormous opportunity to grab market share.

Samsung set to milk music streaming?

New trademark filings suggest Samsung has its eyes on building its in-house Tizen operating system into a full blown device-and-content ecosystem along the lines of iOS/iTunes and Android/Google Play.