Gauging the success (so far) of Firefox OS

While we have yet to see any worldwide sales figures for Firefox OS, the web-based mobile platform appears to be making modest progress in a few emerging markets. It will be crucial this year for Mozilla to capitalize on the lead it has over OSes like Ubuntu Touch and Jolla’s Sailfish.

Android is great, but Microsoft musn’t abandon Windows Phone

As its acquisition by Microsoft near closing, Nokia is reportedly preparing to introduce its first handset running Android at GSM World Congress. Microsoft is wise to extend its software and services to the world’s dominant mobile operating system, but it can’t abandon Windows Phone.

Forking Android is a challenge, but Nokia can make it work

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Nokia will trot out an Android handset later this month at MWC in an effort to gain traction in emerging markets. Google has made it much more difficult for manufacturers to fork its platform, but Nokia and Microsoft have the muscle to make it work.

Emerging markets still offer hope for new mobile OSes

A handful of mobile operating systems have struggled to challenge Android and iOS due to saturated smartphone markets and a lack of carrier enthusiasm. But while the internet of things will complicate matters, emerging markets still provide hope for the newcomers.