Why RIM is cutting 2,000 jobs

Just over 10 percent of RIM’s workforce will be laid off as the company continues losing market share in a segment it once led. How could this happen? RIM has been slow to transition, a process that’s still under way, with no end in sight.

IOS saps Android developer momentum with iPad 2, Verizon iPhone

Apple’s hold on developers has gotten stronger with the apparent help of the iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone, cutting into gains from Android, according to Flurry. The latest numbers suggest that even with the fast advance of Android, developers still like their prospects on iOS,

Apple marches forward on iOS 5 beta 3, available now

The iOS 5 beta pot is still simmering, with Apple today releasing the third edition of its mobile platform, along with a corresponding new beta of iTunes 10.5. Here’s a quick peek at the most notable new fixes, updates and issues in the latest software version.

Why the OS Is Hot at CTIA — and What It Means

The mobile industry has gathered in Las Vegas for CTIA, its annual dog-and-pony show featuring the latest handsets and technology. This year’s show is all about the mobile operating system, as evidenced by the first wave of announcements out this morning. Here’s what they mean.

Has the Window Closed for Windows Mobile?

Industry onlookers are expecting Microsoft to introduce the latest version of Windows Mobile at next month’s Mobile World Congress. But it may already be too late for Microsoft to get back in the game with its mobile operating system.

Why Galaxy Users Should Demand Android 2.0

The new Samsung Galaxy doesn’t support Android 2.0, according to a report today, which means Galaxy users will be missing out on some pretty cool features. So why would any informed smartphone shopper consider buying the device?