Meet the Top 20 Mobile Networks in the World

Mature mobile markets like the U.S., Western Europe, Japan and South Korea continue to generate the big dollars for the mobile industry, but the future revenue growth is coming from new telecom economies. That’s resulting in changes in telecom hierarchies across the world.

T-Mobile Struggles to Compete, Loses Subscribers, Income

T-Mobile USA struggled in the first quarter, reporting a loss of 99,000 subscribers in the quarter, and increased churn compared to the year before. Revenue was flat, while income fell. It highlights the challenges for the fourth-place carrier, which is preparing to merge with AT&T.

The Internet of Things: Anywhere, Anytime, Anything

The underpinnings are already being laid for an Internet of things that will bring connectivity to everything from consumer electronics to pets. But a wide variety of challenges from privacy to platforms, must be met as we move toward an always-on, always-connected society.