Can Flickr get back in the photo-sharing game?

Yahoo has released a new Flickr app for iPhone users in the hopes of reclaiming its lost standing as a leader in shared digital media. Flickr has lost tremendous ground to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but the space will continue to grow as mobile video gains popularity.

How Yahoo could regain its lost footing in mobile

New CEO appears to have the savvy and the experience to help Yahoo regain its status as a major player in mobile. Here are a few things I think the company should focus on as it tries to find its way out of the darkness.

Why Facebook has won the mobile photo war

With its own Camera app and, now, Instagram too, Facebook essentially controls both the public and private social graphs for mobile photo sharing. And, given how much we love taking and sharing pictures, that means Facebook has huge commercial opportunities in this space.

Today in Mobile

Facebook dropped a bombshell this morning when it announced it will acquire Instagram for a whopping $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram has quickly become king of the mobile photo-sharing space with an iPhone app (and a new Android version) that enables users to tweak their photos and share them through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The big question, then, is how Facebook leverages their new pick-up and makes it their own without sacrificing the interoperability that has been key to Instagram’s success.

Photo finish: Upstart Photovine vs. reigning champ Instagram

Google wants to eat everyone’s cake. Photovine, the photo-sharing app built by Google’s Slide team, is now open to public use after an initial beta period, and is gunning for Instagram’s iOS App Store crown. How does it stack up against the champ?