App for turning iPhone pics into cash adds 10% commission

iPhones with 5- and 8-megapixel cameras are turning a lot of people into better and more prolific photographers. The Swedish company behind Foap, which lets anyone sell iPhone pictures through their app, has changed its quality standards and is offering a better incentive for users.

Irrive turns social photos and checkins into an instant trip scrapbook

With so many different photo and social networks out there, our digital memories are usually all over the place and out of sync on a variety of different services. Irrive gathers these things into a single product that makes it easy to share single events across the web.

Hands on with Instagram 2.0’s new filters and features

Instagram got a pretty major update Tuesday with version 2.0. Aside from a slightly modified, prettier icon, the update also adds new features, filters and general speed improvements that make the whole experience better. With so many apps chasing Instagram’s coattails, it’s a timely update.

iPhone SLR mount is kind of expensive, kind of awesome

Is it wrong that I want this new iPhone 4 SLR mount from Photojojo so badly? The new case/adapter combo that allows you to use either Canon or Nikon SLR lenses with your iPhone 4 to add some professional veneer to your mobile photos.

Instamagic: The Story of a Red Hot App [Video]

It has been a magical few months for Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing startup. It has grown from nothing to more than 3.2 million users, and raised $7 million in funding. In this video, co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom shares the story of Instagram.