Why only Android and iOS grew their market share in November

Fresh data from ComScore indicates Android and iOS were the only smartphone platforms to see their shares of the U.S. smartphone market increase in November. But those figures paint an incomplete picture, and things could look very different a year from now.

Will Windows Phone 8 fare any better than WP 7?

All the pieces are in place for Windows Phone to finally gain some ground in the cutthroat world of mobile operating systems. But if Microsoft and its partners fail to market the platform effectively, it will continue to struggle.

Today in Mobile

Kantar takes a hard look at the mobile OS race in several key markets around the world. Lots of compelling data here.

Switching from Android to iOS: What I’ll miss and what I won’t

As someone who regularly blogs about Apple, it’s a bit surprising that the iPhone 4S is the first iPhone I’ve owned. Until now, I’ve been an Android user, so here are my thoughts about the good and bad that come with going all-in on Apple devices.

GigaOM Pro at Mobilize

The premiere mobile event, GigaOM’s Mobilize, is coming to San Francisco on September 26-27, to examine new opportunities presented by the convergence of cloud computing and the mobile Web.

Move over Android, China has a new cloud-based phone!

Android and iOS phones lead the world, but Alibaba thinks China can use another smartphone OS. The Aliyun platform is a cloud OS that’s also runs Android apps. China still has massive room for smartphone growth, so the device may actually have a chance to succeed.

Apple marches forward on iOS 5 beta 3, available now

The iOS 5 beta pot is still simmering, with Apple today releasing the third edition of its mobile platform, along with a corresponding new beta of iTunes 10.5. Here’s a quick peek at the most notable new fixes, updates and issues in the latest software version.