Location safety app Life360 surges past 5M families

Location-based safety app Life360 now has more than 5 million families relying on the service, up from 300,000 a year ago. The surge has come in large part from the growth of smartphones and the increasing awareness and acceptance of location-based safety services.

Forget 4G and GPS; future phones could have airbags!

I’m not sure if Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been sniffing too much eInk from Kindles, but he has a patent for smartphones with airbags and springs. Ridiculous! Anyone who has dropped buttered toast knows a falling smartphone with airbags will land on the non-protected side.

Mobile phones shifting from fun to fundamental

Analyst Chetan Sharma, in a new white paper, said the impact of mobile, which has been on focused mostly on higher self needs, is now shifting to more basic issues like health care. It’s in these more utilitarian areas where opportunities exist.