Google just sped up searches on Chrome for Android

If you’re searching Google on Chrome for Android, you might (or might not) notice that you’re receiving search results a little faster than before– 100 to 150 milliseconds faster, to be exact. That’s because of a new feature called reactive prefetch that starts to roll out today. According to Google developer Ilya Grigorik, the few feature tells the mobile browser to download certain parts of a webpage before the user needs them. It’s “reactive” because it only starts fetching when the user clicks. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Chrome for Android for now because this feature requires the browser and the search engine to work closely in tandem.

Leap2 gets $1.6M to change mobile search

Leap2 has a new mobile search app that’s pretty useful as well as a $1.6 million first round of funding. The Kansas City, Mo. startup combines web searching and social in a compelling package.

Grokr brings Google Now mobile search smarts to iOS

Grokr, a new startup from former McAfee CEO and founder Srivats Sampath is looking to be the Google Now for iOS. The app learns a lot about a user and then tries to push information when it think it’s relevant.

Leap2 updates mobile search with real-time alerts

The team behind Leap 2 is repositioning the app as not only a place to search for things now, but also as a mobile tool for extending that search out into the future for topics you want to stay on top of.

Google still having to prove it’s ready for mobile

One year into the second coming of Larry Page, a lot has changed but one thing hasn’t: Google is still making boatloads of money off its core search product and still having to face questions about whether it is prepared for its world to change.

Leap2 reimagines search for smartphones

A small Midwestern startup is rethinking the way we use web search on our phones by tweaking the now-standard Google layout. Their solution: a mobile app called Leap2, which is set to launch Tuesday in the iOS App Store. It’s initially for the iPhone only.