Shopular app pushes real-time deals while you’re at the mall

Shopular, a location-aware mobile app, is officially launching Friday to serve up relevant in-store deals while consumers are shopping. To start, the app will only alert shoppers once it senses that they’re at a shopping mall, but the company plans to expand to more locations.

Fab redesigns iPad app, optimizes for iPhone 5

Fab says it has “reimagined” its mobile apps, updating its app for the iPad and optimizing it for the iPhone 5. One-third of Fab’s sales come from mobile but it’s looking to when mobile shopping contributes half of its revenue.

Social commerce app Wikets updates to streamline on-the-go shopping

Social commerce startup Wikets, backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Battery Ventures, is rolling out a new version of its app that builds out its shopping functionality. To date, it has focused on building a network of shoppers who ask for and make recommendations.

NetPlenish app lets retailers compete to supply your household goods

Shopping app NetPlenish is launching today with the promise of giving users a better deal on the bundle of products they regularly buy. Instead of getting a good price on one product, users can see which retailer has the lowest price on their entire shopping cart.

How smartphones and tablets are fueling commerce

Smartphones and tablets are driving both in-store and online commerce, but their roles are distinct in many ways. Nielsen shed some light on how consumers are using both devices to aid their shopping. Overall, 79 percent of respondents have shopped using their smartphone or tablet.