WebRTC could be a weapon for innovative carriers

WebRTC is positioned to be a major disruption in mobile as web-based apps gain traction. But traditional mobile network operators should be considering ways to make WebRTC a weapon in their battle against OTT service providers.

Because of the iPhone, there is an app for that

The true impact of the launch of the iPhone probably has as much to do with the software that was eventually created on Apple smartphone as much as that smartphone itself, thanks to developers who saw an opportunity and a revolutionary approach to mobile software.

Hardware accelerator gives mobile owners new set of tools

Accelerators and incubators are now launching plenty of new software startups into the tech world, but fewer programs target companies looking to build cool new pieces of hardware. HAXLR8R, an accelerator specifically designed for hardware startups, debuted its first class of nine projects on Monday.

Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so

Searching for a new lease of life, Mozilla is joining forces with Spanish operator Telefónica to build handsets that have web technologies at their heart. But can Mozilla succeed where Palm failed? And is there room in a difficult market for more players?

Facebook: Social trumps searching for mobile apps

Finding what you want in a sea of mobile applications can be a frustrating and exhausting process. Facebook wants to remind mobile developers that it has a lot of users and that discovering new things is a huge part of the Facebook experience.

Eye of the robot: Google working on Android-powered glasses?

Forget those old X-ray specs in the back of comic books (which never worked anyway). Google is reportedly working on a pair of Android-powered glasses that could record data and display information for around $400 to $500 and make you look ever dorkier.

Ringtones reborn: Just call them notifications now

Remember Crazy Frog? The bike-riding amphibian and his irritating, ubiquitous song symbolized the premium ringtone market a few years ago, before fading into obscurity. The frog has disappeared, but one startup thinks it has found a way to evolve the idea for the modern mobile user.

Chrome browser finally comes to Android

Google’s Chrome browser and Android mobile operating system went public in the same year but they haven’t converged until now. Google is finally introducing Chrome for Android, a robust beta with a lot of slick features which is limited to Android 4.0 devices.

Hands on with the remastered Rdio for Android

I took a look at Rdio’s new Android client and it’s a vast improvement. The application is a full re-write, rather than an update, and better supports Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets, allowing the app to be controlled on a device’s lock screen.