Cufflinks double as USB drive, Wi-Fi hotspot

The next time you struggle to buy a gift for the man with everything, consider a $250 set of cufflinks he likely doesn’t have. These aren’t just any old ones; how about a pair that doubles as a 2 GB flash drive and Wi-Fi hotspot?

The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast.

The tech industry’s movers and shakers have been saying for months now that the HTML5 mark-up language is very important. New research data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast.

Clear iSpot — 4G Hotspot for iOS

Clear has launched a mobile hotspot for iOS devices, aptly named iSpot, that is roughly the size of a mouse, that shares connections on the Clear 4G (WiMAX) network with up to five devices using Wi-Fi. It will only work with iOS-based gadgets, like the iPad.

How I’m Retooling My Mobile Toolkit

It’s time to whittle down my personal devices, so a few phones are going away. Depending on how the iPad works for my needs, it could find a home at my house and take the place of several other devices for me.

How to Have a Good Working Lunch

Working outside the office is a staple for the home worker, but it can be a refreshing change for anyone. Having a work break is vital to stay fresh, but it can be combined with simple techniques to turn it into a productive work session.

Sprint Adding WiMAX Runways For HTC Supersonic Flight?

Sprint announced the cities that will see WiMAX in 2010 and based on the list, that HTC Supersonic 4G phone is starting to make more sense. Here’s why we’re going to need faster wireless pipes for the handsets of tomorrow like the Supersonic.

Let’s Cut the Cord on Proprietary Wireless Adapters

The Bluetooth standard has been pretty solid for a handful of years. So why are hardware makers still using proprietary wireless dongles for mice? That causes a big issue when your mobile device only has a few USB ports. Why waste that Bluetooth radio?

LogMeIn Revisited — Multiple Computer Nirvana

Being a mobile worker, and one who is prone to use a number of different computers, it is common to realize I need some files currently residing on another computer back on the office. LogMeIn Pro lets me reach out and grab them with ease.

SugarSync Adds Email Attachment Uploads, 500 GB Plan

As a long time SugarSync user, it’s nice to see new features added. The latest one offers an easy “Upload by Email” feature to get file attachments to your account and to all of your devices. A new, larger plan is available as of today, too.