163 Million Smartbooks In 2015 — And None With x86

The definition of a smartbook varies depending on who you ask, but ABI Research is sure about one thing — most of the smartbook devices sold in 2015 won’t have Intel inside. Here’s why the perfect storm of mobile ARM computing is coming to a head.

Budget USB 3.0 Drive Still Offers 125 Megabytes Per Second

SuperTalent already sells a speedy USB 3.0 flash drive. But not everyone is willing to shell out hundreds of dollars just yet. Maybe that’s why the company pared down the speed and price of a lower end model that still rocks a 125 MBps transfer.

Intel vs AMD — One Notebook Highlights the Differences

When it comes to computing platforms, the two most prevalent choices are Intel and AMD. What’s the difference between them? All things being equal, one is generally less expensive but offers more oomph while the other plods along slower but longer. Which is right for you?

Pocket Trackpad for Windows, Macs

A review of the iPazzPort wireless trackpad and keyboard shows the utility such a peripheral can bring to a media center. It can also be used with those slates beginning to appear that lack a physical keyboard. The wireless connectivity can work with Windows and Macs.

Create Your Own 3G Hotspot with a $99 Wi-Reach

After skipping the first year of MiFi devices, I’m getting itchy to share my 3G connection with multiple devices. I could opt for a new MiFi or Overdrive of course, but this $99 device works with various 3G and 4G USB modems.

LogMeIn Coming to Android. Will it Help Sell Tablets?

LogMeIn Ignition is coming to Android and will provide remote access to a full desktop computer. With many tablets forthcoming, a remote desktop solution could actually help these devices gain some traction. Why carry a full OS in your pocket when you can access it remotely?

T-Mobile’s webConnect Rocket Is a Mobile Broadband Missile

At the Mobile World Congress today, T-Mobile introduced the first device that can take advantage of the carrier’s HSPA+ network. The webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick is aptly named because it’s like a mobile broadband missile. Take a look at my hands-on experience.

WiMAX Dock Doubles Signal Gain

Motorola already offers a USB WiMAX solution for mobile road warriors. Indoor signal strength can sometimes be a challenge though. How about a dock for that USB stick that offers double the signal gain? There’s still one missing feature I’d like to see.

Who is Your Smart Mobile Device Pundit?

Freescale created a list of 10 Smart Mobile Device pundits but they’re looking to double that list. Can you lend a hand and suggest some pundits while I figure out just what a pundit is supposed to do?