Will Notion Ink’s Adam Be the iPad for Geeks?

Notion Ink’s Adam with innovative Pixel Qi display uses less battery life and still looks great. Digital content pops on the device, just like it will with Apple’s iPad. Will the Android platform coupled with this hardware appeal more to tech enthusiasts than Apple’s iPad?

George Costanza Needs Target’s New Mobile GiftCards

If your wallet is about to explode like George Costanza’s did, take any Target Gift Cards out of it. Target now offers Mobile GiftCards with a scannable barcode right on your phone to pay for purchases.

Which Will Find Success: MIDs, Media Tablets or Smartbooks?

Laptop Magazine tries to define the varied categories of MID, media tablet and smartbook and rate the chances for success of each. But those definitions vary depending on who you ask. Which have the best chance at success and which are niche?

Fujitsu T900 — Multitouch on a Tablet

Dual digitizer notebooks are getting more common since Windows 7 supports them natively. This new convertible notebook from Fujitsu packs a full Tablet PC with touch into a thin but sturdy form. As is common with Fujitsu notebooks, the T900 can be configured as desired.

How To Get Amazon Unbox Movies on a Windows Mobile Phone

Want to watch Amazon’s Video On Demand content on a handheld? With a Windows PC, a Windows Mobile phone and Amazon’s Unbox Player software, the process is actually quite painless if you know what check-box to look for.

Fujitsu UH900 UMPC Lands in U.S. With $849 Pricetag

If you thought UMPCs were extinct, Fujitsu urges you to reconsider. Their new UH900 is nearly pocketable, weighs about a pound and run Windows 7 Home Premium. Speaking of premiums, this isn’t a cheap little laptop at $849 after rebate.

Mobile Firefox for Android in February? Nope.

We’ve been anxiously following Mobile Firefox for a long time. While this mobile version of Firefox has already hit some platforms, Android owners were understandably excited when Mozilla confirmed an Android version was under construction. Rumor has it there may not be long to wait.

Mobile Trends for the Next 10 Years

Kevin Tofel recently joined a panel of mobile tech heavyweights to produce a slideshow of predictions for the next 10 years. Look for phone-based health monitoring, free smartphones, and more.