Broadcasters try, try again with mobile TV

Broadcasters have been looking for a carrier guinea pig to test out their mobile digital TV service, and on Wednesday they found one. MetroPCS has agreed to sell an Samsung Android phone embedded with a chip that will pluck digital TV signals directly from the airwaves.

It’s no T-Mo, but AT&T picks up Qualcomm airwaves

The FCC approved Qualcomm’s sale of its 700 MHz spectrum to AT&T. The deal is striking for two reasons; it closes a big chapter in the history of mobile TV and the FCC said it will look at interoperability in LTE bands next year.

Yahoo’s IntoNow comes to the iPad with more social perks

Research indicates that 88 percent of people who own tablets use them while watching TV. Yahoo is primed to take advantage of that trend by launching an iPad version of its social TV mobile app IntoNow, with new social media features to complement TV content.

Is it time for a mobile TV comeback?

Qualcomm’s FLO TV may have flopped, but that doesn’t mean that consumers will ignore mobile TV forever: PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that mobile TV subscription revenue will double over the next four years. And that money could be an indicator for a much bigger trend.

How Mobile TV Could Finally Find an Audience

The mobile TV hype machine is up and running again thanks to the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s efforts surrounding mobile DTV. If a greater number of consumers are finally going to start watching video on their phones, though, at least three key challenges must be overcome.