Apple Unveils New Final Cut Pro X With Background Rendering

Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of its professional video editing software, at the NAB conference Tuesday night. This new version replaces Final Cut Pro 7, and will be available for download via the Mac App Store for $299 beginning in June.

It’s Official: The Web Now As Popular As TV

Couch potato, meet laptop junkie: Americans and Canadians now spend just as much time online as they spend in front of the TV screen, according to a new Forrester survey. Around a third of consumers watch video online, but mobile TV is still small.

Broadcasters Keep Pushing the Mobile TV Boulder Uphill

The effort by broadcasters to bring an over the air televison (like a mobile phone version of a Sony WatchMan) continues with a group of 12 broadcasters today announcing plans to upgrade TV stations in 20 markets so they can deliver live video to portable devices.

Mobile TV: Bigger Is Better

Bigger screens lead to longer mobile video engagement times: That’s the result of some data crunching over at MobiTV, which analyzed the World Cup viewing patterns of various mobile users. Another result of that research: Users of Android devices watch far more soccer than iPhone users.

Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs on MediaFLO’s Value

Qualcomm is looking at options for its MediaFLO mobile television service, which represents an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars but never performed as well as the chipmaker hoped. In late June I sat down with Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s CEO, who discussed MediaFLO at length.

Why the World Cup Matters to Carriers

Mobile video could receive a big boost over the next few weeks as users tune in to watch the action on their phones. But carriers must be able to shoulder the data load if they’re to turn those fans into long-term viewers.

Can the Cloud Help Drive Mobile TV Adoption?

The mobile TV market has been a disappointment for years, but emerging efforts from cable companies and content providers to make entertainment available everywhere via the web may finally drive adoption. Will next year finally be the year for mobile television?

Vid-Biz: Holograms, Limelight, Babelgum

100 DVDs on a Single Disc; breakthrough in storage comes courtesy of G.E., and is a result of the company’s work in holography. (The New York Times)
Court Says Limelight Doesn’t Infringe on Akamai’s Patent; legal battles have been ongoing since July 2006, Akamai says it will appeal this latest decision. (GigaOM)
Babelgum Stakes Its Claim in a Niche; web TV service says it wants to fill in the void between viral video destinations and premium content sites like Hulu, and will go after professionally produced content catered around specific passions. (MediaPost)
CBS Interactive Scores More Than 200 Million Unique Users in March; of course, it got a some help from a little thing called NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament; stats provided by comScore Media Metrix (not Video Metrix). (emailed release) Elsewhere at CBS, an early deployment of mobile DTV will happen on buses near the network’s Raleigh, N.C. affiliate later this year. (MediaWeek)
Documentary Channel Heading for the Web; network will offer 15 percent of its library online and has recently launched channels on YouTube and (Multichannel News)
Verizon Added 299,000 Net New FiOS TV Customers in Q1 of 2009; brings the total number of FiOS TV customers to 2.2 million. (GigaOM)
Hey, Aspiring TV Writers, FOX is Holding a Contest; script contest held in conjunction with the New York Television Festival, and this year it will have a production company participating as well. (The New York Times)