MVNO Red Pocket experiments with bring-your-own visual voicemail

Red Pocket is letting third-party voicemail provider YouMail at its customers. The move could be a precursor to virtual operators dumping their antiquated voicemail services. If customers are bringing their own phones and apps, why shouldn’t they bring their own voicemail?

What we’ll see in 2013 in mobile

Another year has come and gone with more mobile advances than ever before. What’s in store for the year ahead? Our mobile staff looks a five trends that are likely to affect hardware, software and services in the fast growing mobile space.

FreedomPop brings its freemium 4G model to the home

The mobile virtual network operator plans to take the “M” out of MVNO. Using Clearwire’s WiMAX network, FreedomPop will start selling in January a residential broadband service with the same incentives as its mobile service, including 1 GB a month of free data.

MVNO Karma goes live, selling a 4G hotspot made for sharing

Karma has arrived and its brought its concept of social bandwidth along for the ride. It’s betting consumers will be willing to share their 4G connections with strangers if given the proper incentive so it’s doling out free bandwidth in exchange for benevolence.

Be a 4G Santa Claus: NetZero lets you gift mobile data on Facebook

NetZero is giving each of its customers 1 GB of free bonus data each month. You can’t use that yourself, though. You have to give it to other NetZero customers in 200 MB increments, but there’s nothing to stop your friends from returning the favor.

FreedomPop’s freemium 4G data service goes live

After much hype and anticipation, MVNO FreedomPop is officially launched, offering 500 MB of free data to anyone willing to fork over a deposit for one of its 4G modems. The iPhone and iPod Touch sleeves aren’t available yet, but they’ll arrive in the coming weeks.

Ting becomes the first LTE MVNO. Next step: The iPhone

With shipments of the Galaxy S III beginning this week, mobile virtual network operator Ting has broken the curse of the budget operator: It not only has the latest iconic handset, it has the access to the latest network technology, LTE. One hurdle remains: the iPhone.

Virtual carrier Ting gets its first LTE phone, the Galaxy S III

Sprint isn’t holding anything back when it comes to supporting its MVNO partners. Ting will not only get access to a device Sprint started selling only last month, but it will gain immediate entry onto Sprint’s brand new LTE network — permissions other carriers would never grant.