Mobile browsers top 20% for web use around the world

The mobile wave continues to build with no signs of cresting. According to StatCounter’s data, mobile devices accounted for 21.6 percent of global web browsing as of last month. PCs still have their place but it’s diminishing quickly for some activities

Why mobile-optimized sites are a must-have for retailers

Black Friday sales on mobile-optimized websites were up dramatically this year over 2012. But far too many retailers are still missing out on the chance to engage with consumers and conduct transactions on the mobile web.

The silly native vs. web app ‘battle’ may finally be on the wane

A new survey indicates mobile developers are increasingly embracing both HTML5 and native code to produce the best apps as efficiently as possible. That’s good news in a space that all too often gets caught up in a manufactured war between the two strategies.

Does the future of mobile content belong to apps or the web?

A long-running debate over apps has taken a new turn with the rise of the mobile web and the proliferation of tablets. At paidContent Live on April 17, leading publishers will share their thoughts on whether the industry should embrace or abandon them.

How mobile and IT mismanagement failed Mitt Romney

Mobile technology is an invaluable tool for modern businesses and even political campaigns: at least, when it works. As Mitt Romney’s campaign found out the hard way this week, the mobile web is an afterthought to many and beta testing is a good thing.