Zillow CEO says he was luckier than most monetizing for mobile

Making money off mobile advertising isn’t an easy job, but Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff said Friday at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that being a real estate company gave them a leg up on this challenge, since most users can actually benefit from the ads they see.

Why Facebook is taking the long view on HTML5 mobile development

Mark Zuckeberg declared Tuesday that Facebook’s biggest mistake was focusing too intensively on HTML5 over native apps, but developers said Thursday that the technology isn’t even close to being over at the company, and allows them to scale and reach an increasingly large user base.

With $1M in new funding, Snappli keeps iPhones saving data

As unlimited data plans disappear, consumers need new data-savings solutions. Snappli is the latest to out a mobile service that cuts down on data use through compression techniques; the free software, available today, works on iOS and saves data for the web, apps and even videos.

Telenav invites Android, Windows devs to use its navigation platform

Telenav’s Scout for apps is now available for Android and Windows Phone developers as well as anyone building a website. The HTML5-based platform allows anyone to embed turn-by-turn navigation into any app without turning their customers over to Google or Apples’ mapping software.

With new CTO, One Kings Lane goes all in on mobile

Armed with a new chief technology officer, and other new execs, One Kings Lane hopes to emerge as a leader of the mobile web. The company expects to double revenue to $200 million this year and says 25 percent of revenue comes from mobile.

Which activities are preferred on tablets vs phones? Keynote tells all

A new survey explains that the no. 1 frustration on tablets and smartphones is the slow loading of web pages. That shouldn’t surprise, but the preferred activities for a smartphone and a tablet just might, suggesting that we’re not ready to dump the phone just yet.

Here’s why tablets (yes, tablets!) will replace the smartphone

With the Nexus 7 receiving good reviews, people are starting to enjoy the portability and immersive experience that small tablets offer over smartphones. Looking at the mobile trends, I can see how the tablet will replace the smartphone. And it may happen sooner than you think.

Android tablets, iPads still see wide gap in mobile web use

A report earlier this week that found ownership of Android and Apple tablets had pulled even in the U.S., but other data shows those devices’ web use isn’t close at all. That will matter a lot to people trying to target mobile ads on these devices.