Who’s building mobile Websites? Pizzerias and plumbers

Pizzerias love the mobile Web. Why? There’s a feature embedded in many of their sites called click-to-call that allows a hungry mobile surfer to initiate a phone order directly from the Webpage. An astonishing 35 percent of site visits result in a click-to-call order.

No need for an app: Uber launches on the mobile web

Uber has launched a new mobile website that at m.uber.com, aimed at allowing Blackberry and Windows Phone owners to use the service. That will help expand its potential user base, especially as it expands to more than 15 new cities worldwide this year.

As IPO looms, Facebook also wants to be a mobile leader

Facebook’s social-media prowess has allowed it to move into a stored Silicon Valley office building as it awaits the riches that will accompany a huge IPO around the corner. But Facebook wants more: it wants to be seen as a leader among mobile software developers.

Yahoo open sources Mojito, a developer framework for any device

Yahoo has open sourced Mojito, a JavaScript-based developer framework that will allow developers to leverage both client- and server-side technologies to get the best performance out of any device. The framework is now available on GitHub for anyone to play around with.

Facebook buys some time but hasn’t solved mobile

Facebook may have figured out a way to get advertising in front of mobile users of its products, but that doesn’t mean it has a mobile advertising strategy. Instead, Facebook is taking a product designed for the desktop and hoping it won’t freak out mobile users.

2012: The year websites optimize for tablets

Mobify’s CEO Igor Faletski, whose company helps sites optimize for mobile, said almost all of Mobify’s work thus far has been to optimize for smartphones. But he said this year many sites are preparing to build specifically for tablets, taking advantage of their unique capabilities.

Polar Mobile bets on HTML5 with new $6M funding round

Toronto-based Polar Mobile, which provides a digital media distribution platform powering the apps of some of the biggest media companies in the world, including Conde Nast, Sports Illustrated and The Wall Street Journal, announced a new $6 million funding round on Monday.

4 reasons you will want the Wikipedia for Android app

Wikipedia’s website may have been dark yesterday in protest of SOPA, but now there is a new official Wikipedia app for Android 2.2 and up devices. You could use the mobile web for Wikipedia, but four key features make this app worth the download.

Mobile app use soars while mobile browsing wanes

The world is increasingly going mobile: mobile apps, to be more exact. New data out of app analytics firm Flurry finds mobile users are spending more time in mobile apps than mobile web browsing, widening a gap that began for the first time last summer.