Why the mobile browser bookmark is dead to me

After using mobile bookmark sync tools for years in the early smartphone days, I’ve completely abandoned such bookmarks without even realizing it. Mobile apps and improvements in mobile browsers are the main reasons why.

How much iCloud storage do you need?

Apple just extended a free offer of 20GB of iCloud storage to newly transitioned MobileMe subscribers until next year. But there are some big differences in how data from all your devices — iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac — is stored in the new service.

6Wunderkinder: Berlin needs less hype, more focus

Productivity startup 6Wunderkinder made a big noise on the Berlin scene when it launched, but it’s been quiet for a few months. Now CEO Christian Reber explains why other German startups should follow suit and focus on their product — and why he’s worried about Windows 8.

Final notice: Make the move from MobileMe to iCloud

If you have an older MobileMe account, you may have held off on the transition to iCloud until now. But the deadline to switch approaches quickly. If you haven’t already, here’s what you need to do before MobileMe goes dark on June 30.

Motorola forces Germany to ban iOS push mail

After a patent dispute in Germany between Motorola and Apple, local users of iCloud and MobileMe have now had push email functions disabled. But don’t be surprised if the same problem wings its way across the Atlantic soon.

Motorola deals Apple pair of upsets in German legal battle (updated)

On Friday, Motorola was granted a permanent injunction by a German court against a feature of Apple’s iCloud. The same day Apple removed some older models of iPhones and iPads from its German online store due to enforcement of another patent held by Motorola.

Spanning Tools review: Cure your cloud syncing woes

Whether you use iCloud, MobileMe or Google to sync your contacts and calendars — no matter how careful you are — glitches occur. Fortunately, Spanning Tools helps clean up your contacts and calendars, making sure your syncs go as planned and correcting errors after the fact.