Yes, Virginia, people do keep their information in the cloud

Four out of five people are aware of the terms “personal cloud” or “digital locker” according to a new survey. But consumers want such services to be secure, convenient and they don’t want to pay a lot for them. Surprised?

Find My Mac is reason enough to sign up for iCloud

Apple is including a tool in iCloud that should make signing up for it a no-brainer for Mac owners: Find My Mac, which went live for iCloud beta users Wednesday. Like Find My iPhone, the service provides an approximate location for all a user’s iCloud-connected Macs.

5 quick OS X Lion tips and work-arounds

Overall, I’m thrilled with OS X Lion. However, like any new OS, there are some things that either don’t work quite right or, while working as intended, may annoy. So, here are five tips and work-arounds I’ve found that might help address some growing pains.

It’s official: What stays and what goes from MobileMe to iCloud

In case you were an existing MobileMe subscriber wondering what services will and won’t make it through the transition to iCloud, Apple has posted an official FAQ detailing exactly what will make the cut, and addressing what will happen to iWeb and other services that don’t.

What to do with your MobileMe-hosted site post-iCloud

Apple failed to update iWeb in its latest iLife refresh, and at last week’s keynote at WWDC, there was no mention of hosting support in iCloud. Here are some alternative strategies for those who were using Apple as their web hosting solution.

As MobileMe closes, Google rescues new iOS users

Although Apple discontinued new signups for MobileMe on Monday, iCloud syncing won’t be available until the fall, and most likely will only be available for those running iOS 5 and Lion. What’s an Apple fan to do in the meantime? Go to a competitor.

MobileMe will transition to iCloud; Apple offers refunds

Now that Apple has announced its new iCloud service, which will be available at no charge, MobileMe users who have been spending $99 a year will be entitled to a refund. Anyone having an active MobileMe account will have their service extended through June 30, 2012.

Can Apple Make the Cloud Work for Consumers?

Apple has to do more than just upgrade MobileMe or match its competitors to provide a cloud offering that really catches fire with consumers on Monday. I talked with the CTO of a cloud management company to see just how far iCloud needs to go.

What We Know About iCloud, and What We Don’t

Apple is now the confirmed owner of, as originally reported by GigaOM. Trademark applications are also underway, and reports of what’s in store for Apple’s cloud service are gearing up ahead of Monday’s announcement. Here’s what might be in store for consumers.