Mobilize: The VC Panel

We’re rounding out the panels with a gathering of VCs. Venture funding for mobile has been energized by the iPhone App Store and other recent developments, but what are the opportunities for a venture-backed big-time success between mobile apps, mobile web efforts and various business models? Here are my notes:

Matt Marshall, Editor and CEO, VentureBeat: What are the most popular iPhone apps and what are you seeing in new companies?

Matt Murphy, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers: We are seeing at the iFund 15 percent enterprise, 85 percent consumer, with even distribution between social networking, games, communication and stuff like that. Right now they’re simple, lightweight, fun, easy to use — given that we’re only three months into this and six months since we launched the SDK, pretty good. Not bad revenue streams either. I’m most excited going forward about the next wave of more sophisticated applications.

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Mobilize: Thinking Experientially: User Experience Panel

We just finished a panel on mobile user experience with some excellent ideas about specific opportunities for startups to build mobile software. Here’s the rough transcript:

Thinking Experientially panel at Mobilize.

Thinking Experientially panel at Mobilize.

Dylan Tweney, Gadget Lab, (moderator): Invoking the iPhone. The iPhone interface is beautiful. There it is…(Introduces panelists):

Jason Devitt, CEO, Skydeck
Jyri Engestrom, Entrepreneur, Google
Rachel Hinman, Mobile Design Strategist, Adaptive Path
Jeff Taylor, director of global marketing and product strategy, Hutchison Whampoa

Hinman: At its essence really what makes user experience is if your product is serving some sort of fundamental human need. Feature creep and loss of coherence come out of losing sight of serving needs.

Tweney: But some of good user experience is need creation, like Twitter and Jaiku and iPod.

Hinman: Confusing need with solution — Twitter came out of fascination with status. Read More about Mobilize: Thinking Experientially: User Experience Panel

Our Live Coverage of Mobilize

It’s a beautiful Thursday here in the city by the Bay, and the GigaOM team is ready to bring you the events of Mobilize, our mobile application conference. GigaOM staffers Katie Fehrenbacher, Liz Gannes and Stacey Higginbotham will be blogging the panels and keynotes, and we’ve corralled Kevin Tofel and James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun for some live interviews with attendees. You can click here for a live video stream (it’s also embedded below; just click play) as well as access the archives of each session and the hallway interviews. Check out some mobile vidcasting from the floor on NewTeeVee.

Let’s mobilize.

Mobility – What’s Different?

Is mobility a new revolution, or is it just an extension of the previous PC and Internet revolutions? Is anything really different? I think a glance at the impact of the Kindle, the Dash Express, DriveCam and CardioNet quickly shows how the mobility difference is revolutionizing many unrelated industries. But before we rush to these ground-breaking devices, let’s stop and consider how technology revolutions truly drive change. Read More about Mobility – What’s Different?

Counting Down To Mobilize 08: Almost Sold Out

With three days to go, our Mobilize 08 conference is nearly sold out. It looks like we are going to have fun and interesting conversations around the topic of the Mobile Internet and its impact on the world of technology.

Our two keynote speakers, Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco Systems, and Rich Miner, Co-Founder of Google’s Android platform, are going to discuss the changes that come when wireless broadband converges with a whole new breed of mobile devices. They will be two of the many speakers talking about opportunities that lie ahead for innovators. Among the other speakers we have lined up are:

You can check out the complete list of speakers and the schedule on the Mobilize website.

The most fun part of the conference is at the end of the day: The Mobilize LaunchPad. A baker’s dozen of startups are going to show off their wares and try and win over the judges. I can’t wait to see who wins. If you want to buy tickets, you can go to the registration page and sign-up for the event, which is also going to be attended by many of our friends in the media.

Android Co-Founder, Cisco CTO to Keynote at Mobilize

Every day the promise of the mobile web moves closer to being realized, and every day we move one step closer to Mobilize, our one-day conference dedicated to examining the implications — and identifying the opportunities — in this coming revolution.

We are thrilled to report that we have confirmed two of the industry’s best and brightest as our keynote speakers: Rich Miner, co-founder of Google’s Android, and Padmasree Warrior, chief technology officer at Cisco Systems.

Check here for updates to our list of speakers and panels, and go here to get an early-bird discount on tickets for the Sept. 18 conference.