Foursquare keeps moving into local search with Open Table reservations

Foursquare and Open Table’s new partnership is just the latest in the location-based app’s moves into the local search arena, challenging popular resources like Yelp by aggregating user check-ins to provide personalized recommendations. Booking tables seems like the next step in these moves.

The Mobile 15, as a PDF

Last week, we published The Mobile 15, our list of the most-innovative companies in the world of mobile. It explored how these companies, large and small, are changing — or are set to change — the mobile landscape in big ways. Some of you emailed to request a PDF of the list — so here it is.

Meanwhile, if you missed Mobilize 2012, our two-day mobile conference in San Francisco last week, you can catch up on the coverage  here.


Future of mobile: 5 takeaways from Mobilize 2012

With the future of mobile quickly evolving, what do you need to know now? After a long cross-country flight home, I had plenty of time to digest the key data nuggets from our GigaOm Mobilize 2012 event held last week. Here are five worth sharing.

How ad agencies are a bottleneck in the video economy

While publishers and developers have evolved to take advantage of new digital platforms, advertisers are lagging behind. Too often, they are simply repurposing TV material rather than tailoring their creative material to the online video environment.

Rafter CEO: The innovation curve hasn’t hit education yet

Educational content still looks and feels like mobile apps before the iPhone, argued Rafter CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2012 conference. His thought-provoking take: What education really needs is not more digitized textbooks, but open platforms, where smaller innovators can compete with big publishers.