MobiTV withdraws IPO bid

The company, which licenses a technology to large wireless carriers that lets their customers watch live TV on their smart phones, pulls its $75 million IPO bid, citing “unfavorable market conditions.”

MobiTV’s IPO filing is not a pretty picture

MobiTV will be going public soon — but look closely at its S-1 filing and what do you see? A company with the majority of its revenues wrapped up in three partners, whose contracts could all expire over the next 18 months.

How Mobile TV Could Finally Find an Audience

The mobile TV hype machine is up and running again thanks to the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s efforts surrounding mobile DTV. If a greater number of consumers are finally going to start watching video on their phones, though, at least three key challenges must be overcome.

Mobile TV: Bigger Is Better

Bigger screens lead to longer mobile video engagement times: That’s the result of some data crunching over at MobiTV, which analyzed the World Cup viewing patterns of various mobile users. Another result of that research: Users of Android devices watch far more soccer than iPhone users.

Vid-Biz: YouTube Ads, Next New Billion, MobiTV App

Today on the Net: YouTube plans to roll out skippable ads later this year, World Cup interest has led to more than 1 million downloads of the MobiTV iPhone app and Dyyno is helping its customers to drive streaming video viewing through Facebook.