Moblyng Brings Flash to Phones

If you’re sick of staring at error messages when checking out a MySpace video slide show via a mobile, then Moblyng may be for you. The company translates Flash content into stills and video that can be viewed on a mobile phone. Right now it’s focused only on scraping Flash content from social networks, but may broaden its reach if users demand it. The company was formerly known as Fliptrack, and just raised $5.7 million. For more, check out the details over at GigaOM.

Moblyng Gets $5.7M to Bring Flash to Phones

Moblyng, which was formerly known as Fliptrack, just raised $5.7 million to translate Flash content from the Web into videos or stills that can be viewed on most cell phones. As a transcoding junkie, I thought this was cool — until I realized that the company will use its translation prowess to allow you to scrape your “photo bling” from MySpace, Friendster and Facebook (only via the Moblyng Mobile slide show Facebook app) and render it fit for viewing on a WAP page on a cell phone.

This seemed silly to me. And then I realized I am old and hopelessly outdated.

As CEO Stewart Putney said, this way someone can post a video or photos and share them with everyone at the same time. This fits with my ever-present wish to upload content once and share with everyone. I just don’t see many of my recipients being so jazzed about my photos that they need to flip open their mobile to see them RIGHT NOW. But if they are, using Moblyng they can.

Putney also said that after the beta Moblyng might expand the technology beyond social sites, and possibly to devices such as televisions. That fits with another of my technological dreams — seamless content transfer across all three screens. I suppose shopping on Etsy via my mobile will just have to wait.