Vid-Biz: TVTonic, Mobuzz, TiVo

TVTonic Shuts Down Service; popular Windows Media Center application that moved content from your PC to the TV being retired. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Mobuzz TV Closes; popular European online video show couldn’t afford to keep going, closes down. (Mobuzz)

The Economics of TiVo; how much is the time freed up by zapping commercials worth to you? (Freakonomics Blog)

Some Sony Flicks Return to Netflix-Xbox; licensing deals cause some titles to come and go on the Netflix streaming service. (CNET)

Big Love Webisodes Being Released This Weekend; three episodes of 3 Days Past Midnight to debut on Saturday in advance of the HBO series’ return in January. (Reel Pop Blog)

2 Billion Online Videos Watched in France in Sept.; 25 million people (77.8 percent of the population) watched 156 million hours of video content online. (comScore)

Mobuzz Asks Its Audience to Help Keep It Afloat

thermo_uk_bigMobuzz, a four-year-old Madrid-based web studio, says the economic downturn has starved it of the €50,000 ($65,235) it needs each month to run the company and has pitched its users a call for €120,000 Euros in donations by this weekend to keep its five daily shows up and running.
The company’s three tech news shows are five-minute roundups along the lines of Webb Alert and Rocketboom but in localized Spanish, English and French editions. In March, Mobuzz also launched separate Spanish gossip and news shows, bringing its total production run to 100 shows a month. Read More about Mobuzz Asks Its Audience to Help Keep It Afloat