Today in Mobile

MetroPCS this morning announced plans to roll out devices that will support free, over-the-air broadcasts from outlets including NBC, Fox and Univision. There’s no denying that users are increasingly eager to watch video on their mobile gadgets, but by trying to replicate a traditional TV experience wirelessly MetroPCS is making the same mistake Qualcomm and others have made: Users want mobile-friendly, on-demand video content rather than streaming episodes of, say, “Modern Family” or local newscasts. Adding DVR functionality — which won’t be available at launch — would be a big step toward making such an offering more attractive, but I’m not convinced even that would be enough to find much of an audience.

Vid-Biz: Google TV, Felicia Day, Modern Family Off Hulu

Today on the Net: Google TV will begin selling in the U.S. this autumn according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Modern Family has been off of Hulu for the last month or so and Vidyo is putting its video conferencing services on the iPad.

Modern Family Creator Takes Aim at Hulu — Again

Steve Levitan, executive producer of ABC hit show Modern Family, has a Hulu problem. The problem, as he sees it, is that if Hulu goes public — which could happen as soon as the end of 2010 — content providers will be left in the lurch.

Are Hulu and the iPad Killing Modern Family’s Broadcast Ratings?

Modern Family producer Steve Levitan suggests ABC take episodes of his show offline to see how it would affect the show’s broadcast ratings. With 2 million viewers watching the show online, Levitan said it could be a Top 3 show if that viewing were counted.