Modu T Sets Record for Lightest Touch Phone

Smartphone maker Modu has won the Guinness World Record for producing the lightest touch phone. The Modu T is a tiny phone that is the core of the company’s modular system. Modu phones slip into “jackets” that allow the phone to serve different purposes.

Will They Really Modu?

I’ve been in Tel Aviv for almost two days and I still haven’t been able to shake off the jet lag, mostly because I’ve been so busy catching up with old friends, making new ones, and learning all I can about what’s going on in this tiny country, which has the highest number of startups outside of Silicon Valley. Here, working for a tech company is as much a part of life as being a member of the Israel Defense Forces.

I typically write about a startup after hearing about it from many different sources. It doesn’t matter if the chatter is positive or negative; if people make mention of a company, unprompted, in casual conversation, there’s almost always a good story behind it. These days Israelis are talking about Modu.

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