IO taps McLaren to speed up its modular data centers

Formula 1 cars make big tweaks to get little performance improvements, and with McLaren’s help, IO wants to do similar things to improve energy efficiency and performance inside its modular data centers.

IO raises $90M to rethink the corporate data center

IO Data Centers has raised $90 million for its suite of offerings that rethink the way data centers are built and managed. Its IO.Anywhere units are fully contained data centers in a small package, and its OS software can manage a data center from a smartphone.

Meet the company building AOL’s micro data centers

Elliptical Mobile Solutions is hardly a household name in the data center world, but don’t bet against it. While bigger data centers seem to be better for webscale companies such as Google and Facebook, many are happy to grow about 105 cubic feet at a time.

AOL building refrigerator-sized data centers

AOL is taking its flexible infrastructure strategy to a whole new level of flexibility by building data centers that are about the size of French door refrigerators. Now, AOL will be able to deploy infrastructure where needed with little more than an electrical outlet required.

3 UK firms that sound boring but make some cool mobile tech

Psion, Mesaplexx and Nujira live in the guts of the phone and on the fringes of the network. While filters, amplifiers and ruggedized devices may not sound like exciting stuff, all three of these U.K. companies are innovating in mobile in ways you should know about.

How IO is building modular data centers for the rest of us

While webscale data center operators such as eBay are deploying custom-built data center containers designed for maximum performance and efficiency, IO Data Centers is pushing modular data centers for the rest of us. Its IO.Anywhere modules aren’t designed for HPC, but do promise flexibility.

Today in Cleantech

The modular data center continues to pick up steam as a solution to the growth of cloud computing and the need to produce energy efficient data centers. When you get beyond the tier-one cloud players (Facebook, Google, Rackspace), there’s a group of companies that may not have the in house engineering and facilities management staff to design a data center from building to rack. In step companies like Modular Data Centers Stockholm, which are prefabing the whole data center and shipping it to clients. EBay is pioneering the process in its new Salt Lake City center and has made the design process public, seeking design proposals from anyone with a great idea. There are no numbers yet on energy efficiency, but it’ll be interesting to see if these modular data centers can match the efficiency being churned out by the massive engineering teams at places like Google.