Curtains for MOG: Townsquare buys MOG’s blog & ad business

The market forces conspired against MOG, a music service and blog network started by David Hyman. The growing popularity of Spotify saw the company fall on hard times and was sold in pieces. One half went to Beats Audio & Townsquare media has bought the other half.

Why MOG sold for only $14M

HTC has come clean on how much it spent on MOG, and it ain’t that much: The cell phone maker told his investors that it only forked over $14M for the music subscription service. The question is: Why did MOG sell for so little?

Say what? How much did MOG sell for? What is Spotify valued at now?

MOG, a streaming music service has been subject of acquisitions rumors, with phone maker HTC as the likely buyer. The really low valuation shows how far behind it has fallen behind current industry leader, Spotify, which ironically is being valued at a breathtaking valuation.

Beats buying up music service MOG

Beats Electronics, the headset manufacturer founded by rapper Dr. Dre and now majority owned by HTC, has reportedly bought up online music service MOG. The acquisition could help HTC or Beats launch their own music service, something HTC is reportedly working on.

Online music is hard: iLike shuts down

iLike was once the most popular music application of Facebook, with close to 10 million active users generating 1.5 billion page views per month. On Tuesday, it finally shut down. Its demise proves once again that online music is a tough business to be in.

The 6 ways digital music is being disrupted

As media and entertainment went digital, many looked to the music sector as the canary in the coal mine. Digital comprises over 40 percent of consumer sales, but the whole market was worth only $5.9 billion in 2010. Even digital felt stagnant. But that’s changing.

MOG sees 246% user growth, thanks to Facebook tie-in

Music streaming service MOG just released new growth figures, and it turns out that the music platform launched by Facebook in late September has given it a big boost. MOG now has 160,000 monthly active users, representing 264 percent growth for the month of October.

A year after shutdown, LimeWire still hugely popular

It’s been close to a year since LimeWire was forced to shut down its file sharing platform. LimeWire’s website has since been reduced to a single splash page – but it’s still attracting more than a million people a month looking for free music every month.

Music wars heat up — but is free really the future?

As music services Mog and Rdio take up defensive positions by launching new free-to-listen services, it may look like streaming is the future. But retailers like eMusic are fighting back by arguing that purchasing songs remains as relevant as ever.

Sonos hits the 1M mark as digital music grows up

Sonos, the wireless music system, has achieved what it calls the 1 million room milestone. For a web service, such a milestone may not be as notable, but for a hardware maker that has been selling gear since January 2005, it’s a big deal.