What the web’s saying about UK internet snooping laws

Plans by the British government to give intelligence agencies access to details of every phone call, email, text and website visit made in the country have drawn plenty of anger from across the spectrum. Here’s what people are saying about the controversy.

What can system data tell you about your app? Everything.

Web companies like Google and Facebook invest incredible resources in making sure they know everything about their infrastructures and how server-level issues are affecting the applications that comprise their lifeblood. The rest of the business world is now catching on.

Yes Virginia, Big Brother is following you on Twitter

As Britain ponders a crackdown on social media and uses facial recognition to try and identify looters, it reinforces the fact that spending more of our time on public networks such as Twitter and Facebook gives police and governments even more ability to observe our behavior.

ServerDensity Launches App Store for Server Monitoring

Server monitoring startup ServerDensity will launch an app store for plugins to its popular cloud-based service. Like many SaaS startups, ServerDensity provides a collection of core components, but is hoping to rely on its user community to address the longtail needs of certain customer segments.

Amazon Automates CloudWatch Monitoring Service

Amazon Web Services is taking its CloudWatch monitoring service to the next level, announcing on Friday morning a half-dozen new features. Cloud monitoring is becoming big business, so anything AWS can do to keep those dollars in-house is probably worth the effort.

Peerdrum: Peering Over the Shoulder of Remote Coworkers

As virtual teams and remote workers become more common, employers increasingly feeling the need to employ remote monitoring and management tools. The latest of these is Peerdrum, an app that enables managers to track remote workers by taking a snapshot of their screens every few minutes.

Policing Productivity: Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder?

How do you police your time online without using automated systems if you are your own supervisor? Even the most disciplined worker, faced with years of a relaxed work environment, will begin to waver. Here’s how to get back on track without sacrificing your soul.

Today in Cloud

Breaking news: CA is growing it’s cloud-management portfolio yet again, this time by buying Nimsoft for $350 million in ca. Nimsoft gives CA monitoring tools that will allow customers to keep tabs on the availability and performance of their various cloud services, including Salesforce.com, Rackspace, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services. If you read my piece on CA’s cloud ambitions a few weeks ago, you’ll notice that I predicted CA would make a monitoring acquisition, although I suggested Cloudkick. Either way, CA has filled yet another hole in its cloud strategy, and is spending the kind of money that means its vision had better pan out.