On my want list: Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Most external battery packs are big and bulky and unattractive. Mophie has come up a thinner snap-on battery pack, Helium, that adds about six hours of extra Internet time to my iPhone 5. No wonder it is on my want list.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review: All About the Power

Mophie recently introduced a high capacity version of its battery case for the iPhone 4 dubbed the Juice Pack Plus. I’ve been using it for couple weeks, putting on a lot of mileage considering how often I exhaust my iPhone’s battery. Here’s what I found.

The iPhone Economy Enables Intuit’s Mobile Payments

Intuit has partnered with mophie to provide a credit card processing solution that uses Apple’s iPhone. The hardware, created by mophie and available today, is aimed at small business owners — especially those who use QuickBooks and are looking for a simple transactional fee structure.

Are You Ready for iEconomy?

Jack Dorsey’s Square, Incase, Verifone and now Mophie — these companies have developed credit card readers and are turning the iPhone/iPod touch platform into a new kind of economic engine. All they have to do is get Apple to play ball and get consumers savvy about it all.

Mophie Juice Pack Air: Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Style

Does your iPhone crave power like a mad dictator? Even after trying some of Clayton’s excellent tips on power conservation, you might find that by dinner your iPhone gives out like a puppet government. The Mophie Juice Pack Air external power pack promises extended battery life in a compact combination of form and function. Is this new version too good to be true, or could this be one of those rare times that promises are delivered upon? Read on.
JPA-IP3G_3_exposed_largeThe Juice Pack Air is light. When protecting the iPhone it adds just over two and one half ounces to the weight of it and half an inch to the height, a bit over an eighth of an inch to the width and a quarter inch to the depth. The case is mono-color with a glossy finish and comes in black, white, and (Kansas State and Minnesota Vikings fans, rejoice) purple. Unlike Mophie’s standard Juice Pack, the Air version fully protects the iPhone.
As with most hard cases, there are cut-outs for the various buttons and the audio jack, although not for the dock connector. The speakers are blocked, but the Air uses a sound channel to deliver the sound to the front instead of the bottom. I actually heard better with my Air than without it! The standard Apple dock connector is replaced with micro USB, instead of the more popular mini USB connector, which passes the charge through to the iPhone and battery. When the Air is attached, the iPhone does not fit into most other docking or pass-through accessories. Fortunately the case is literally a snap to remove. Read More about Mophie Juice Pack Air: Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Style