OpenStack embraces ARM in latest cloud move

A new ARM-based OpenStack cloud comes online this week, courtesy of HP, Calxeda and Canonical. The new “TryStack” facility gives developers who want to test out OpenStack clouds another flavor to try. The news comes out of the OSCON conference this week.

Morphlabs, Dell pitch all-SSD private cloud

Morphlab’s latest mCloud uses uses all solid-state disks while also claiming Amazon Web Services-like pricing. The company’s newest offering, which is part of a partnership with Dell, targets service providers that want to add private cloud computing capabilities that interoperate with AWS as needed.

Morphlabs Tries to Reinvent Private Cloud Pricing

Los Angeles-based startup Morphlabs is rolling out two new features designed to bolster sales of its mCloud line of cloud computing offerings in a crowded field of management platforms. In doing so, however, it might actually be helping show the future model for internal-cloud software pricing.