Machinima’s secret to original drama is its audience

The most notable thing about gamer-focused web video network Machinima isn’t its 1.3 billion monthly video views and 149 million uniques. It’s this — getting people to watch drama online, by making sure its drama series will directly appeal to its audience.

Could Portal: No Escape be the next fan film to go legit?

The release of a short film set in the universe of Valve Software’s popular Portal video game series has people excited over the possibility that director Dan Trachtenberg could bring his vision to a full-length version. But is such a move really likely?

How Mortal Kombat Accidentally Became a Web Series

This spring, there will be a new edition of the Mortal Kombat video game and an accompanying web series directed by Kevin Tancharoen. Kombat‘s adaptation into a web series, though, is less a story of corporate synergy and more a tale of happenstance.