Here’s Why Motorola Bet on Android

37875The estimate that Verizon (s vz) sold 100,000 Droid phones this weekend as part of the Droid onslaught is pretty sweet for Motorola, as is the assumption from Mark McKechnie with Broadpoint AmTech that the cellular provider purchased 200,000 of the handsets from Motorola (s mot) in anticipation of high demand. But the more interesting part of his research note wasn’t the past — it’s the future, namely that he thinks Motorola’s handset business should return to an operating profit next year on the strength of co-CEO’ Sanjay’s Jha’s bet on the Android operating system. From the analyst note: Read More about Here’s Why Motorola Bet on Android

How to Revive a Dead Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with Tin Foil

apple-wireless-keyboardI was so mesmerized with my new Apple Magic Mouse yesterday that I neglected to share an interesting, yet wacky, problem. I bought the new mouse to get away from typing and navigating on my MacBook. I already had an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, although I hadn’t used it in nearly a year. So I just bought the mouse. As I was setting up my more traditional setup, I realized that my keyboard wouldn’t power up. That’s to be expected, I thought. After all, the batteries have been sitting in there for a year. So I swapped the batteries and… nothing. No little green light to tell me the power was on. No keyboards found in the Bluetooth settings on my Mac. I really thought that the keyboard was shot and was quite annoyed, since I had just come from the Apple store. Then I did a little online research and found dozens of people with the same problem
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What You Need to Know About the Droid

droid-by-motorola-front-open-vzw-eye1Verizon Wireless (s VZ) launches the Motorola (s mot) Droid this Friday (as if you hadn’t heard), and the carrier is opening “many” of its 2,000 retail outlets early (7 a.m. or 8 a.m. local time) to accommodate what it hopes is a rush of new customers. Call your local store for hours if you’re interested in being among the first to get your hands on the gadget. Meanwhile, here are a few other things you should keep in mind if you’re considering going Droid: Read More about What You Need to Know About the Droid

Forget the iPhone, Can Droid Top the RAZR?

The new Motorola (s MOT) Droid is pretty hot today. It’s a phone! It’s a brand! It’s an iPhone killer! But here at GigaOM we decided to ask a far more important question, “Is it a RAZR killer?” Can today’s Droid phone top the world’s most ubiquitous mobile gadget on its path to crush the iPhone? Can it even get close to the iPhone? Let’s see how the competition stacks up: Read More about Forget the iPhone, Can Droid Top the RAZR?

FCC Wants to Know How to Feed Our Mobile Data Addiction

600px-US-FCC-Seal.svgThe Federal Communications Commission has opened a separate request for comments on the use and allocation of spectrum to go more in-depth on issues raised as part of its National Broadband Plan. The agency will seek comments through Oct. 23, “on the sufficiency of current spectrum allocations in spectrum bands, including but not limited to the prime spectrum bands below 3.7 GHz.”

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Exclusive: Motorola Confirms It Will Launch Android Devices at Mobilize 09

motorinvite.jpgMotorola (s MOT) yesterday sent out an invitation to what many bloggers assumed to be the launch of its hotly anticipated Android handsets, and which Om noted also happened to fall on Sept. 10, the date of our Mobilize 09 mobile Internet conference. Nope, it’s not a coincidence. The handset maker has confirmed that Motorola’s co-CEO Sanjay Jha will launch the company’s Android portfolio during his keynote speech at our event. From the Motorola response to questions generated by yesterday’s invitation:

Thank you for your response, we’re excited to see you in San Francisco! We wanted to provide some additional details so you’re aware of what to expect for September 10. Motorola Mobile Devices CEO Sanjay Jha will be making an announcement regarding the company’s Android portfolio during his keynote that day at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference. If you are not signed up to attend GigaOM, we will coordinate registration for you.

Now that the launch is confirmed we can now all spend our time speculating on what kind of Android devices we’ll see.

Motorola LTE: It’s Not Dead Yet!

[qi:gigaom_icon_lte] Just three days after an analyst questioned Motorola’s (s mot) ability to win any business selling Long Term Evolution equipment (something I had been asking the company about as well), the vendor said it won a contract to provide LTE equipment to Japan’s KDDI. This is the first LTE customer win for Motorola. KDDI, which also operates a WiMAX network, will conduct trials around 2010, and says the commercial launch of the network will take place in December 2012. This is good news for Motorola, which has seen rivals Alcatel-Lucent (s alu) and Ericsson (s eric) win contracts for other major LTE deployments.

I’m Taking the Prepaid Plunge

imagesPrepaid cell phone plans are looking increasingly attractive for those who want more services for less money, according to the latest issue of Consumer Reports. Several new plans that cost $50 per month for unlimited voice and texts have recently been introduced from smaller carriers such as Boost Mobile and Virgin, the magazine notes in its September issue. So someone who needs 3,000 minutes of voice each month (but no data) would only have to pay $600 a year as opposed to shelling out $1,200 for similar plans from the four major contract carriers.
Back in December I took a look at five reasons to consider prepaid plans. While I caught some flak from readers who questioned why GigaOM would care about such things, with prepaid increasingly being viewed as a source of revenue growth in the cell phone industry (as evidenced, most recently, by Sprint’s (s S) announcement last week that it plans to buy Virgin Mobile USA as part of a move toward more prepaid clients), we think it’s an important area on which to focus our attention. And as a cheapskate, I’m eager to see if I can cut a $200-plus phone bill from Verizon (s VZ) down to size. Read More about I’m Taking the Prepaid Plunge

Will TV Everywhere Swamp Cable Networks?

[qi:032] Comcast (s cmcsa) may take on more than its network can handle by offering its cable TV via the web under its TV Everywhere program, which has me wondering if cable providers will weather the influx of TV content delivered over their data network as opposed to their video network. Unsurprisingly, Comcast and industry equipment vendors say the network will be just fine for TV Everywhere delivered as so-called over-the-top video.
But streaming potentially popular cable TV content over cable companies’ limited pipes could cause problems for the providers. Read More about Will TV Everywhere Swamp Cable Networks?

The Coming Upstream Revolution. And We Need It

[qi:gigaom_icon_routers] Most consumers pay some attention to their downstream bandwidth speeds, which can affect how quickly iTunes files finish downloading or the quality of movie streaming, but upstream speeds have never been as big of an issue. That’s clearly starting to change as Internet service providers like Verizon (s vz) and Qwest (s q) offer data packages with increased upstream speeds so users can upload information faster. These boosts in speeds are following an increase in uploading activity and could change the landscape for service providers and startups. Read More about The Coming Upstream Revolution. And We Need It