Tablet buyers look to Amazon over Samsung and others

In a poll asking which brand of tablet people expect to buy, the Yankee Group found that Amazon was already the No. 2 response, behind Apple. The 13 percent choosing Amazon exceeds that of Samsung, Motorola, Research In Motion and HP. Price and ecosystem are key.

At this rate, there won’t be a tablet market, just an iPad market

Apple won an injunction to halt Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales across most of the EU yesterday and today, Motorola’s Xoom has surfaced as the next potential target. Is Apple weeding out all potential iPad competitors or is it trying to control the entire tablet market?

Honeycomb Tablets Set to Improve With Android 3.1

Google outlined Honeycomb 3.1 features today, which rolls out now to Motorola Xoom tablets on Verizon’s network, with other devices to follow. There are noticeable improvements in the operating system, including support for USB add-ons, but consumers need more tablet-optimized third-party apps from developers.

Xoom Software Update Available, But It’s Not Enough

Verizon is releasing a software update Thursday for the Motorola Xoom tablet, but it doesn’t look like the features will boost flagging sales. Most of the changes are minor and don’t address bigger shortcomings found in Honeycomb. For that, device owners need to look to Google.

iPad 2 Tops Consumer Reports Tablet Ratings

Consumer Reports has released its rundown of the top 10 tablets, and while it says there’s some competition brewing, Apple still wins in terms of both quality and price. Consumer Reports does a good job of pointing to little details that illustrate why that is.

Android This Week: ThunderBolt Strikes; Wi-Fi Xoom; iPod Touch Rival

The newest Android handset in the U.S., the HTC ThunderBolt finally launched and offers stellar 4G speeds, but the fast network eats quickly through the battery. Motorola’s Wi-Fi version of the Xoom tablet was announced and Samsung’s Galaxy Player is ready to challenge Apple’s iPod touch.

Android This Week: Froyo Updates; Fragmentation Fights; Xoom Pricing

After months of waiting to see the faster speeds and other benefits that Froyo, or Android 2.2, will bring to Samsung Galaxy S phones, the wait is over. But there’s a catch! Also seen this week was rumored pricing for the Xoom tablet, which is astronomical.