My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too

It was ten years ago I started blogging in earnest. In the years since, what started as a e-blotter turned into a startup. What was a one-man operation is now a collective effort of many talented people. Here are some reflections, lessons learned and stats too.

Why Blogs Need To Be Social

Earlier this week, San Francisco-based Six Apart released the newest version of its flagship product, Moveable Type Pro, and pushed the blogging community toward a very social future. It is not a new concept — but now, it’s time for blogs to evolve and embrace the different ways in which we’re sharing our digital lives with the world. In short, they need to become social – very social. Continue Reading.

Post To Your Blog Directly From Google Docs

When you’re a web worker, time is money.  Here at Web Worker Daily, we’re all about helping you efficiently use your time.

In order to have some of the Word Processor features in my blog editor, I often compose my blog posts in Google Docs, then paste them into my blogging software.  Well as bavatuesdays has pointed out, Google Documents now features the ability to post directly to your blog software.

To use this quietly rolled out feature, type in your Google Doc as you normally would and hit the “Publish” button.  One of the options is to post to your blog.  You’re presented with the following screen:


As you can see, the window asks for your blog type, username, password, and blog name.  The support a large number of blog engines including WordPress, Blogger, Moveable Type, and more.

Once you’ve set up your blog information, you can easily post the Google Doc to your blog.  In my testing, the result was plain looking posts that appear just as they do inside Google Documents.