Hollywood wants British ISP to block Usenet site

Hollywood has set its eyes on Newzbin2, an indexing site that facilitates movie and TV show downloads from Usenet servers. However, it’s not going after the site directly, but is instead suing British ISP BT to have Newzbin2 blocked on the IP address level.

Zediva: We’re just like DVD rentals from Netflix

Zediva launched a service to stream DVDs to users’ web browsers. That raised the ire of Hollywood studios, which sued it for copyright infringement. Now Zediva has filed its response, claiming that it is no different than other DVD rental services from Netflix or Blockbuster.

MPAA Goes After DVD Streaming Service Zediva

Surprise! New video rental service Zediva is being taken to court for copyright infringement. The MPAA filed suit Monday on behalf of six Hollywood studios, claiming that Zediva illegally streams their films over the Internet without licensing the content from rights holders.

Will the MPAA Target RapidShare, Megaupload or Dropbox?

Hollywood has set its sight on file hosters like Hotfile.com, which was sued this week by the MPAA’s member studios. Many of the legal arguments made against Hotfile could also easily be applied to RapidShare, Megaupload and even cloud-based backup and file synching services like Dropbox.