Microsoft Will Use Fuel Cells to Create Self-Powered Racks

Microsoft is doing something super interesting and experimental: using fuel cells to create self-powered racks in data centers. Microsoft, which is now testing the tech, says such a set up could make data centers more efficient, minimizing energy distribution losses and reducing dependence on the power grid.

Microsoft cloud to power environmental big data

At the United Nations climate conference in Durban, South Africa this week, The European Environment Agency, geospatial software company Esri and Microsoft showed off the “Eye on Earth” network, which uses Microsoft Azure to create a online community for eco data.

Why Internet companies are abandoning home energy plans

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Internet companies like Microsoft, Google and even router giant Cisco launched experimental software and hardware to help building managers and home owners monitor and control their energy consumption. But now these firms are abandoning those plans. Why?

Apple Beats Microsoft’s Third Quarter Revenue

Apple keeps taking things away from Microsoft. First, it was smartphone market share, knocking down poor Windows Mobile. Then, it was size as measured by market capitalization, with Apple moving into second in May. As of today, it’s quarterly revenue.

AOL Acquires Video Syndication Startup 5min

AOL has acquired video syndication specialist 5min Media to boost the amount of video it serves on its sites, while boosting distribution of its own video assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, although estimates place the value of the deal at around $50-$65 million.

What to Read This Weekend: How Nielsen Works

Ever wondered how shows like Venture Bros can survive on TV? iO9 has the answer, and it may surprise you: The blog has taken an in-depth look at the Nielsen ratings system, including statements from a former Nielsen family member and a look at future trends.

New Numbers Reveal: Cord Cutting Is Real

U.S. Pay TV subscriptions have declined for the first time in history in the second quarter. Comcast & other cableco’s lost a total of 711,000 subscribers last quarter, which represents the biggest quarterly loss ever for cable TV. Telcos and sattellite TV providers were better off.

What the Web is Saying: Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is scrambling to get Windows Phone 7 ready for its fall launch. The company is sending out preview phones to developers and the press to get feedback. Reaction to WP7 is mostly positive, and its worth rounding up the major points from these previews.