While we waste four cores, scientists use a million at a time

A group of Stanford researchers recently ran a complex fluid dynamics workload across more than a million cores on the Sequoia supercomputer. It’s an impressive feat and might foretell a future where parallel programming becomes commonplace even on our smartphones.

Video: Next dual-core ARM chips faster than today’s quad-cores

Sure, the latest dual- or quad-core in your mobile device looks spritely, but have you seen the next generation of ARM chips? Texas Instruments is showing off its OMAP 5 processor in a browser test with a quad-core chip, and it’s nearly twice as fast.

Apple code reveals quad-core iPhones, iPads could come soon

Apple might have quad-core iPhone and iPad devices coming in 2012, according to some code discovered deep in Apple’s iOS 5.1 pre-release software on Friday. This discovery adds fuel to the fire surrounding rumors the iPad 3 will boast a quad-core A6 processor.