T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 next to get multiwindow feature

It looks like AT&T’s Galaxy Note 2 will be the last to get the unique multi-window feature in the U.S. Sprint and Verizon devices already have it and T-Mobile announced that its version will see it become available starting this week, if all goes to plan.

When did addiction become a good thing?

Tech companies have become increasingly adept at manufacturing desire, but to what end? Behavior designer Jason Hreha argues that the industry needs to seriously consider the impact of its products. Are we helping our users lead better lives, or are we making them compulsive, impatient and distractible?

iOS 101: How to Use Multitasking on Your iPhone or iPad

Since iOS 4.0, the iPhone’s been able to allow multitasking — the ability to run more than one application at a time. Even though the feature’s been there, that doesn’t mean every user knows how to take advantage of it. Here’s a quick primer.

Is Multitasking a Productivity Killer?

Multitasking is a bit of a misnomer, since our brains really aren’t capable of doing more than one thing at a time. We think we’re doing multiple things at once, but we are really just switching between several activities quickly.

iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking and App Switching

From an end-user perspective, few of the announcements at today’s iPhone OS 4.0 media event were probably as welcome as was the arrival of multitasking. It’s a feature that people have been looking for since the launch of the platform itself, and it looks like we’ll be well served for having waited so long.

What I Want To See In The Next iPhone OS

The last major update to the iPhone’s operating system arrived last June, bringing with it many desired features. Highlights from the 3.0 update included the long awaited copy and paste, in addition to features such as spotlight search and voice control. But what can we expect from tomorrow’s 4.0 unveiling?

Rumor Has It: iPhone 4.0 Bringing Multitasking

The iPhone has many advantages over smartphone competitors, but one thing it hasn’t had that users have been clamoring for is true multitasking. Now, true app backgrounding capabilities are said to be on the way in iPhone OS 4.0.

Multitasking is Overrated

Perhaps the strongest criticism of the iPhone has been that it doesn’t support multitasking, aside from a few of Apple’s own system level applications that are included on the device and can’t be deleted. Yet the iPhone sells like hotcakes, and Apple has a technical solution that essentially accomplishes the same thing, called background notifications. If multitasking is so important, as the critics, pundits and technology bloggers will tell you, why have the iPhone and its sibling the iPod touch become two of the most successful electronics devices of all time?

Because the technology press and hardcore technology users have an unprecedented platform from which to speak and be heard. Period. End of story.

Last week’s iPad announcement made this abundantly clear. The technosphere has labeled the iPad an unqualified failure, in large part due to lack of multitasking. News flash: multitasking is overrated. Its not nearly as important to average, everyday users as it is to the people who cover technology for a living. Despite the fact that Palm’s WebOS and Google’s Android both support multitasking, neither has come anywhere close to the success of the iPhone. Read More about Multitasking is Overrated