YouTube wants to double down on mobile music videos

YouTube wants to give mobile phone users a chance to find music video content by artist, discography and genre, with the goal of bringing music content to hundreds of millions of its users. These plans could be an answer to Vevo’s mobile music initiatives.

Spotify’s new apps could be a big boost for labels

Spotify is adding a second batch of apps to its desktop player, and this time around, there is a big emphasis on record labels. That’s good, because labels could use these kinds of apps to reestablish themselves as curators in the age of subscription music.

MTV brings back the music with new artist pages

MTV wants to embrace indie bands in a big way, launching 1 million artist pages later this summer. But how is the network going to make sure artists actually sign up? Tie-ins with its on-air programming and e-commerce opportunities could be key.

Rdio relaunches with new web UI and revamped desktop apps

Music subscription service Rdio relaunched its web and desktop experience at a press event at SXSW Tuesday in an attempt to focus more on music discovery and bring a desktop-like music experience to the web. The new UI takes some hints from iTunes, Spotify and Facebook.

The future of music is boring – and that’s exciting!

When it comes to the future of music, we all like to talk about Spotify, file sharing and the decline of the CD. But those flashy stories may distract us from a much bigger trend – a trend that is powered by CMS systems and CRMs.

Music fans meet Raditatz, Pandora for your neighborhood

A new Pandora competitor called Raditaz combines customized online radio stations with location. Users can see what stations others are listening to in their neighborhood and even geotag stations specific to their gym or office. Raditaz built the service with a team of just seven.

Grooveshark shuts down in Germany

Grooveshark has shut down in Germany, blaming exorbitant licensing costs and redirecting users to a local Spotify clone. However, rights holders singled out by Grooveshark say that they have never actually been contacted by the service. Meanwhile U.S. lawsuits against Grooveshark continue.

Grooveshark to be sued by Warner and Sony

Will Grooveshark be the next LimeWire? The streaming music service is going to be sued by Warner Music and Sony Music, according to a report from the New York Times. This could mark a shift in litigation from P2P services to streaming music providers.